❝ Do not focus on the warrior-poet, but rather upon the Warrior-Poet (Jesus). Make Him the big deal of your life. Get away from the nonsense of looking for the “right guy” and lose yourself in Jesus. It is when you are completely obsessed, lost in, consumed with Him, that He will orchestrate, in His perfect timing, an encounter with a true warrior-poet. I know we warrior-poets are seen as a rare treasure, but so is a true Christ-built woman of God. I am not interested in a “religious” girl, not even one who is radical – I want a woman of God who is grounded in the Word, who delights in Jesus alone, cares not what the world thinks, and dresses and behaves with the highest standard of modesty, dignity, and honor. It is far more appealing, enchanting, and romantic to find a godly woman who is lost in Jesus than one who is worried about finding the right guy to marry. But remember, our precious Jesus is faithful, good, and overflowing with love. Trust Him. ❞

Anonymous Warrior-Poet-in- the-Making
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Leslie Ludy talks about Sacred Singleness & what Communion truly is.

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❝ Marriage can either be a taste of heaven on earth, or a taste of hell on earth, depending on where you place the Cross ❞

— C. T. Studd
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Epic Noir: wrote this poem some time back, but felt like sharing it


God fearing woman

A beautiful God-fearing woman, that’s all I ever wanted,

A woman who knew she was blessed and didn’t choose to flaunt it,

She’ll call me up just to tell me a scripture or tell me just to pray,

She’ll let God use her so when times are rough she’ll know just what to say,

An exceptional astonishing being perfectly placed in this atmosphere,

Her heart’s song is an orchestrated masterpiece that God composed for me to hear,

She walks with a graceful gentle gallant sway, her steps are so precise,

Her hands are marked with labor as she knows the true meaning of sacrifice,

Her eyes hold all the answers that her Father taught her well,

She stares the devil down and makes him flee back to the pits of hell,

She speaks with authority yet knows when to hold her tongue,

Her voice gains attention as if Heaven’s bell has rung,

Her presence halts temptation and stops demons in their path,

She washes herself with wisdom in an angelic bath,

Her spirit out-shines her shadow making her darkness obsolete,

She walks into each battle with no knowledge of defeat,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Her beauty is unfading, her spirit quiet and gentle,

She takes care of her body because she knows it’s just a rental,

Her mind is as valuable as the rarest of rare gems, discernment one should treasure,

Her love for God reaches heights where no man-made object can measure,

Her body is a kingdom, so she patiently awaits her king,

She went from lady to daughter, now from princess to queen.

-Tory R. W.

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From the pen of an anonymous warrior poet

From the pen of an anonymous warrior poet

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Why Men Need Marriage


Article by Mark Driscoll in the Washington Post

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: Intimacy costs commitment.

Before two people are ready for the responsibility of commitment, they should content themselves with friendship and wait on deep emotional intimacy. Exercising this patience will not handicap them relationally. In friendship, they can practice the skills of relating, caring, and sharing their lives with other people. In friendship, they can observe other people’s characters and begin to see what they’ll one day want in their mates.

While it’s true we we can learn worthwhile lessons from dating relationships, we need to make sure those relationships don’t bog us down. Wasting too much time trying each other out as boyfriend and girlfriend can actually distract two people from the more important task of preparing to be good spouses.

For now what’s most important to realize is that the guy or girl you will one day marry doesn’t need a girlfriend or boyfriend (even though he or she may want one right now). What that person really needs is someone mature enough to spend the season before marriage preparing to be a godly wife or husband.

Joshua Harris, I Kissed Dating Goodbye

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The Kidds from Shade Tree Films on Vimeo.


This will make your heart smile :)

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