❝ Do not focus on the warrior-poet, but rather upon the Warrior-Poet (Jesus). Make Him the big deal of your life. Get away from the nonsense of looking for the “right guy” and lose yourself in Jesus. It is when you are completely obsessed, lost in, consumed with Him, that He will orchestrate, in His perfect timing, an encounter with a true warrior-poet. I know we warrior-poets are seen as a rare treasure, but so is a true Christ-built woman of God. I am not interested in a “religious” girl, not even one who is radical – I want a woman of God who is grounded in the Word, who delights in Jesus alone, cares not what the world thinks, and dresses and behaves with the highest standard of modesty, dignity, and honor. It is far more appealing, enchanting, and romantic to find a godly woman who is lost in Jesus than one who is worried about finding the right guy to marry. But remember, our precious Jesus is faithful, good, and overflowing with love. Trust Him. ❞

Anonymous Warrior-Poet-in- the-Making
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John Piper, This Momentary Marriage

John Piper, This Momentary Marriage

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"Draw near to God & He will draw near to you"

"Draw near to God & He will draw near to you"

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The thing that will make for a great love story….

…is the very same thing that will make you a great parent. You must give God the pen. You must let Him script your child’s life. He must be the one in control, & you must became a servant to His agenda.

Today’s young people need parents & leaders who model this attitude, parents & leaders who continually push them toward the beauty of a God-scripted life

Leslie & I have found that it is often not our sex-polluted culture but the attitude of parents that holds the younger generation back from seeking more.

Maggie, a Christian mother of two teenagers, recently expressed to us a common personal sentiment. “Of course I want my kids to live solid Christian lives,” she said,”but I don’t see the need for them to become strange & isolated. I believe they can make good choices & still have a fun high school experience. I don’t want them to take their convictions to an extreme. I want them to be normal.”

But what does “normal” mean for Christian young people today? Normal means a watered-down commitment to technical virginity. Normal means a mind polluted by the perversion of the culture. Normal means a heart trampled by one short-term fling after the next. Normal means a lackluster view of marriage. Normal means stale & mediocre love stories.

Do you really want normal for your children? Do you want them to live according to the dismal standard of our modern times? Do you want them to have only as much as you have found?

Or do you want something better for them?

If you want your children to discover the depths & heights of a God-scripted love story, you must first relinquish your hold, your expectations, & your limitations on their lives. Like Abraham with his precious son Isaac in Genesis 22, you must be willing to set them on God’s altar & allow Him to control their destiny.

For young people to uncover the beauty of a God-scripted romance, they must first give God the pen to let Him script their story. But the same is true for you as a parent.
 ✒ E R I C  L U D Y

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Eric Ludy, Teaching True Love To A Sex-At-13 Generation

Eric Ludy, Teaching True Love To A Sex-At-13 Generation

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"If a Chinese sage…

…were going to summarize what I learned in those six months leading up to my wedding, he would have said something like this: Man engaged to woman is man with big smile & low resistance to temptation.

So as to not cause any of you readers to use your imaginations any more than you may have already, I will attempt to summarize in vague generalities instead of specifics. My hands, my eyes, & my lips felt like a caged lion & were screaming to be free.

But if it had been important for me to love my future wife faithfully even before I knew her, it was all the more so now that I knew her name & was counting the days until we would finally say “I do”.

When you withhold certain physical expressions until marriage, it does two things. First, it makes those intimate forms of touch far more appealing to the mind than maybe they otherwise would be. And second, it makes those tender expressions far more enjoyable when the time finally comes that you are free to enjoy them.

It’s the simple principle of waiting. When you wait for something rather than satisfy your craving for it at that the genesis of your desire, you appreciate its beauty far more & enjoy its pleasure forever, as opposed to having its appeal fade away.

Suffice it to say that, while waiting was difficult, the reward was far beyond my wildest imagination.

My engagement to Leslie was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Our love was new, our discovery of each other fresh & exciting, & our expectancy was bigger than life. I wouldn’t want to relive those painful yet amazing days leading up to the wedding, but I certainly will always look back on them with a fondness that is saved only for my favorite memories.” Eric Ludy, When Dreams Come True, pp. 238 - 239

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Leslie Ludy

Leslie Ludy

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Leslie Ludy

Leslie Ludy

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